Andrew Christie

Andrew Christie has recently completed the final year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts (First Class Honours). His work has been shown at numerous galleries in the Sydney area and spans the mediums of painting, sculpture, performance and installation.

Christie has striven to reconcile disparities between cultures, travelling as far as Cyprus and Greece to conduct interviews with university staff (University of Nicosia in particular) in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of how competing universalities can be endured, hybridised and where possible reconciled. Recently Christie has been researching the element of play in art to develop theories and work that reveal a greater understanding of the necessity of failure and creative experimentation when faced with such cultural convergences, especially when faced with forced migration and traumatic events between nations that on the surface exhibit strongly opposed ideals and national identities.

Recently, in addition to showing at Verge Gallery for the University of Sydney's Anthropology Symposium, being included in the Campbelltown Art Centre’s Fishers Ghost Art Competition and completing his honours degree, Christie has begun 2015 with exhibited works at Articulate Gallery, MContemporary Gallery for the Young Artists Initiative, Carlton Project Space as part of the Chippendale New World Art Prize and has forthcoming work at Bowral’s Ten Thousand Paces Gallery.