Waverley Council permits busking at sites in Oxford St Mall, Bondi Junction only. The Mall is the pedestrian area between Bronte Road to the east and Newland Street to the west.

Council will authorise up to a maximum of 7 concurrent permits. A wait list will be kept and new permits allocated as they become available.

Buskers are required to submit a Busking Permit Application to be assessed by Council officers. Successful applicants will receive a Busking Permit to busk in the Mall. Applications should be sent to busking@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

Buskers must provide in the Busking Permit Application:

  • Proof of identity/current address (e.g.passport, drivers licence).

  • Public Liability insurance Certificate of Currency in amount of $20 million noting Waverley Council as an interested party.

  • Specification of any proposed amplification equipment to be used must be provided in the application. Buskers are permitted to use small vocal amplification equipment only.

  • Children under the age of 18 years who wish to make an application will be required to submit a Busking Parental Consent Form

The following terms and conditions apply:

A person holding a busking permit is permitted to busk for a maximum period of four (4) hours per day.

There should be not more than three (3) buskers at any time busking in the Mall.

There should be no more than a maximum of four (4) performers per busking group.

Any permit will be issued for a maximum period of six (6) months.

No direct soliciting or collecting of donations will be permitted. Any collection container must remain stationary on the ground.

Buskers must have their permit with the mat all times whilst performing in the Mall. This should be produced on request by Council Rangers.

A busker must not;

  1. obstructor hinder the passage of pedestrians or vehicles;

  2. cause inconvenience, annoyance or obstruction to any person;

  3. create any nuisance or unreasonable noise;

  4. beg or spruik;

  5. operate closer than five (5) metres from the door of premises open for business;

  6. create a threat to public safety;

  7. affixany material or mark/draw on any Mall property; and

Busking activities not permitted include; dangerous acts, including the use of fire, saws, swords, knives, bicycles, acts including animals, balloon sculpting, tarot card, palm or fortune reading, aerosol artistry, face painting, masseurs.

Any breach of these conditions will result the busking permit being revoked. Council may revoke a permit at anytime.

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