Waverley Library Galleries

The Waverley Library Galleries are situated in the Ron Lander Centre within Waverley Library. The Galleries consist of an atrium and foyer space and experience approximately 44,000 visitors per month. The Galleries exhibit all forms of contemporary practice and encourage public programs associated with exhibitions.

Applications can be made to Waverley Library Reception or visualarts@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

Current Exhibition


11/07/17 - 08/08/17

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 9.00pm
Saturday - 9.30am - 3.00pm
Sunday - 1.00pm - 5.00pm

Waverley Library Galleries (foyer)

Jock Alexander is an Oberon born painter and graduate of Sydney's National Art School who divides his time between Bathurst and Bondi.For 25 years he produced illustrations and cartoons for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian newspapers, primarily in the mediums of watercolour and pen and ink. Landscape painting has been a constant, though not exclusive, theme of his fine art practice. In recent years (post journalism) he has been creating pen and wash drawings and watercolours of Eastern Sydney’s parks, harbour and coastline.Nothing provides a better sense of wellbeing in him than the intense, active study of the natural world through the process of making observational artworks.

Landscape painting gives a unique purpose to being outdoors,and the search for a painting subject that “sings” to him has led to him many times finding himself in beautiful natural locations. Total engagement of the mind, body and senses in the process of realtime subjective observation, analysis, and synthesis, along with the deep sensory immersion in the natural world, engenders a profound sense of serenity, and with that, joy. These artworks are created using a variety of traditional European watercolour media and techniques, hybrid CMYK (colour separation) watercolour techniques, natural plant and mineral pigments, including the gum exuded by local eucalypts and acacias, and pens fashioned from locally sourced reeds and bamboos."

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Crossing Depths to Where Sky is Just Sky

An exhibition by Jackie Benney and Lorne Johnson Delivered to pink and orange and cyan and yellow and pink and orange and cyan and yellow… Their hearts are lifted by winds racing across the Aegean…


History of Education in Library

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Community through the lens- Eastern Suburbs photography group

Our modern world is ever changing, time does not stand still except when captured through the lens of a camera. Photographs are an exclusive moment in time.

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