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Design and Heritage Awards

2 - 23 May
Waverley Library Galleries

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 9pm
Saturday - 9.30am - 3pm
Sunday - 1- 5pm

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The Waverley Design and Heritage Awards recognise outstanding contributions to the built environment through heritage conservation and innovative contemporary design. The Awards have been won for simple homes through to multiunit developments. They have been won for adaptive reuse, inspiring design and beautiful heritage projects. These designs have added to Waverley's unique cultural and magnificent natural environment of beaches, cliffs, gullies and many inspiring views.

This exhibition showcases the winning and shortlisted entries in the 2019 Awards which demonstrate excellence in heritage and design and acknowledges those designers, builders and owners who have contributed to Waverley’s heritage and built environment.

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Underwater – Fernanda Infanti

27th Jul 2019

Diving in the imaginary ocean of Underwater an exhibition by Fernanda Infanti comprising works from 2013 to the present day. Take a deep breath and dive into this playful ocean that inhabits the artists mind.

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Art of Aging

29th Aug 2019

Waverley residents are encouraged to challenge their views on older people by visiting the 2018 Art of Ageing Exhibition at the Waverley Library Galleries. A learner driver, gymnast and ukulele player are among the extraordinary older people who feature in the 2018 exhibition, which celebrates the lives of older people living in regional NSW.

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Intentional – Christopher Armstrong

26th Sep 2019

Christopher Armstrong’s current body of work plays with notions of painting and drawing using light and colour. However he does so using contemporary photography. Using intentional Camera Movement, the artist explores what it means to create photographic digital art and where the boundaries lie between photography and painting.

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Focus on Women – Mel Heyton

26th Sep 2019

Join local artist Mel Heyton for an exhibition of recent works celebrating women through oil paintings and 3D art works.
In the words of Heyton “Female elements surround me and are primary in my paintings. I have a passion for the female form, female artists, authors, for women in history whom I admire and for male artists whose works have a female perspective.”

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31st Oct 2019

Waverley Library launched its collage making art classes in 2018 as a fun, creative, sustainable program run fortnightly by library staff. Using discarded magazines and books, participants developed skills to create modern collage designs while engaging with fellow community members in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Look Around You – PAPOW (Plein Air Painters of Waverley)

28th Nov 2019

Look Around You.
Do you recognize your neighbourhood, your local streets, and the natural spaces of your locality? We are here to reveal them to you with fresh eyes, artist’s eyes, and reinforce to all the pleasure of living or visiting such a beautiful area! Look around you and enjoy!

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