Cutting Edge: Contemporary Collage

Date: 27th Apr 2024 - 22nd May 2024 Time: - Location:

Waverley Library Galleries


Waverley Collage Makers
Exhibition opening Thursday 2 May, 6pm

Cutting Edge: Contemporary Collage presents an eclectic mix of artworks by the Waverley Collage Makers. The group comprises artists from Waverley, Sydney, and beyond who gather in person to explore the possibilities of collage in contemporary art. Exploring formal qualities of reduction, juxtaposition, and pastiche, the Waverley Collage Makers practice different methods of collage each week, contrasting images and materials, subverting meaning, and honing their distinctive styles. This exhibition showcases the group’s commitment to the possibilities of collage through a diverse, dynamic, witty, and thought-provoking series of works created over the last 12 months.

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