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Over 50 native creatures from tiny lizards to flying foxes call our stunning corner of the world home. Our 5.8 hectares of coastal native vegetation is squeezed between development and the ocean. Our aim is to continue to improve the quality of these bushland areas to maintain a healthy coast and provide habitat for the local wildlife.

By improving conditions for priority vegetation sites, we hope to keep biodiversity levels what they were in 2009/10 as a minimum, and ensure precious natural bushland sites and endangered species are not lost. This will be achieved through:

  • bush regeneration programs
  • buffer planting
  • reducing weed species and
  • reducing stormwater pollution into vegetation.

By doing this we also want to make a difference for the future and ensure at least 40 percent of local priority vegetation spots are in good condition by 2020. Your garden at home is important too, it can provide important connectivity for wildlife to move around.

Get involved in greening Waverley

Help create a green Waverley abundant with life

  • Create your own Habitat Stepping Stone - Create a beautiful and thriving garden that can also be a friendly stop over for our native wildlife.                                                                    
  • Wild About You Workshops - Learn about garden design, local plant species for your garden, planting, care and maintenance in one of our great workshops.

Managing our Bushland

Discover how we aim to increase the resilience of our native coastal vegetation and wildlife

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