Going solar in Waverley

Electricity use is the largest contributor (approximately 60%) of community greenhouse gas emissions in Waverley. Installing solar energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save residents and business owners money on their energy bills.

Council has installed solar power systems on many buildings and facilities and encourages the community to install on residential and commercial buildings (where practical) to help achieve our community greenhouse emission reduction target of Net Zero by 2035. We're helping schoolsclubs and community organisations, and apartment buildings to investigate if solar can work for them.

The amount of solar in Waverley has increased by 400% over the last 5 years, but  there are still  86% of single dwellings, and 98% of strata buildings and businesses without onsite solar. Waverley Council is committed to supporting as many of our community as possible to Go Solar!

Solar information and resources

Working with industry experts and peak bodies, Council provides resources, information, and educational tools to help residents learn about solar.

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Webinar recordings


Do I need Council approval to in-stall solar in Waverley?

Most solar systems do not require Council approval. You may need a planning permit if you live in a heritage overlay area, particularly if the solar panels are visible from the street.

Find out more by accessing the planning policies and control plans.

Our Duty Planner is available at the Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring St, Bondi Junction, between 8:30am and 5:00pm Wednesdays and Thursdays, or can be contacted on duty.planner@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

What should I consider when choosing a solar installer?

  • Check if the panels quoted for are on the Australian Government’s Panel Validation Scheme.
  • Check the solar panel manufacturers have service offices in Australia.
  • Confirm any exclusions that might be added as an additional cost later.
  • Check with NSW Fair Trading for any past complaints made against your preferred company.

What are my options if solar is not suitable for my site?

If you are a renter, or your home or business rooftop is unsuitable for a solar power system, you can buy renewable energy by purchasing GreenPower from your energy retailer. By purchasing GreenPower you can support renewable energy generation, like solar and wind and reduce your own greenhouse emissions. Contact your electricity retailer to find out what GreenPower Products they offer.

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