Bronte Gully stormwater harvesting & re-use

WaterWe installed the Bronte Gully Stormwater Harvesting System to save water, improve beach water quality, reduce pollution and better manage our water resources.

The system has been designed to utilise the reliable stormwater flow travelling down the channel in Bronte Gully that would otherwise go straight out to sea.

Picture of Bronte Waterfall


The system was installed and completed in September 2008. It uses a 120 kilolitre underground storage tank - roughly the size of an average household swimming pool.

Harvested and treated water is:

  • Used for cleaning Bronte Pool and other public spaces.
  • The sole source of water for park irrigation and bush care activities.
  • The primary supply of water to both amenity blocks (toilet and urinal only).
  • Provided to the Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club for use.

Key benefits

  • Estimated 16 megalitres of water saved every year.
  • Improved park aesthetics, amenity and recreational value due to adequate watering, even during water restrictions.
  • Reduced stormwater flowing into Bronte Beach, reducing risk of pollution.
  • Open space is maintained as the system is underground.
  • Improved beach water quality.

How does it work?

(click on diagram to enlarge)

Bronte Park sign

History of Bronte Creek

In the 1870s local historian Major W.L Johnstone noted that Bronte Creek had a continual flow. The 135 hectare Bronte catchment has changed a lot over the years, but the Bronte Creek flow has remained healthy.

Bronte Beach Wooden Bridge 1904

Find out more

Email our Sustainable Water Coordinator or phone 9083 8086.

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