Bondi stormwater project

WaterThe Bondi Stormwater scheme is designed to harvest and re-use stormwater previously discharged into the ocean at the Southern end of Bondi Beach.

By installing this scheme, we're conserving water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving money and improving water quality at Bondi Beach.Bondi Stormwater harvesting project build 2012.

Built in 2012 with funding support from NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund, the scheme will treat and supply over 50 million litres of stormwater per year, delivering recycled water for irrigation, toilets and public cleaning at Bondi Beach.

Key benefits of the project

  • Over 50 million litres of drinking water saved each year
  • Improved water quality at Bondi Beach through stormwater filtration
  • Improved park surface and quality for recreational use
  • Underground system operation allows for open space to be maintained
  • Improving water security to ensure we have water for irrigation in times of drought
  • Carbon neutral operation through use of solar power

How does it work?

Operation of the scheme is fully automated, with intelligent water quality monitoring and measurement 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This ensures that the re-use water is treated to a high standard, removing stormwater pollutants and disinfecting water using Ultraviolet technology.

A 10 kW photovoltaic solar system, which is installed on the roof of Bondi Pavilion, provides energy for the carbon neutral operation of the scheme.

The scheme also uses porous pipe technology to treat polluted stormwater run-off from Campbell  Parade, removing heavy metals hydrocarbons and phosphrous. The result is cleaner water at Bondi Beach.

More information

For more information on this project, please contact:
Corey Fox
Phone: 9083 8086

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Storm water

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