Waverley & Barracluff Park groundwater harvesting system

WaterMaintaining parks and sporting fields requires a lot of water. We've tapped into our groundwater supply at Waverley and Barracluff Park to reduce our reliance on drinking water to carry out irrigation and cleaning.


Waverley Council has installed a bore at Barracluff Park in North Bondi to capture water from an aquifer deep under the parklands. The bore water is harvested and used to water the grass, gardens, trees and supplies water to Council trucks.

We capture groundwater seepage at Waverley Park to irrigate Waverley Oval, sports fields and ornamental gardens as well as for flushing toilets.

How does it work?

The harvesting system pumps water from the aquifer, filters it and stores it in underground tanks (25,000L at Barracluff Park; 50,000L at Waverley Park).

These tanks are connected to an automated irrigation system and remote-controlled water filling station for Council trucks.

Key benefits

  • Waverley Park groundwater reuse system currently provides 5 megalitres of recycled water each year. It will provide 9 megalitres once upgrade complete.
  • An average of 7 megalitres of groundwater is reused at Barracluff Park each year.
  • An effective alternative to using drinking water.
  • Improved park aesthetics, amenity and recreational value due to adequate watering, even during water restrictions.
  • Open space is maintained as the system is underground.

About groundwater

Groundwater flows beneath the earth surface through layers of permeable rock; these areas are known as aquifers. Aquifers can be a valuable water resource as they store water that infiltrates through the ground surface. Groundwater makes up around 23% of the earth’s fresh water, making it a valuable water supply.

Use of groundwater needs to be carefully managed as aquifers not only store water but supply water to sensitive ecosystems such as wetlands, swamps, estuaries and coastal vegetation. Waverley Council is committed to sustainably managing our local aquifers and ecosystems.

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Did you know?

In the 1800s, Waverley Park was used for flower shows, cattle grazing, Chinese market gardens and of course sport. Waverley Oval was established in 1890 when it took over the part of the park formerly used for the market gardens.

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