Electric vehicles

Supporting Electric Vehicles

Transport in Waverley is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, making up approximately 20% of community emissions. Electric vehicles (EV) and other electric transport modes, such as E-bikes and E-scooters, provide a pathway to decarbonise the transport sector when powered by renewable energy.

Council supports and encourages the uptake and use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) to help meet our community greenhouse gas emission reduction target of Net Zero by 2035, while also reducing, noise and air pollution. Council’s Electric Vehicle Transportation Policy guides Council actions and decisions on electric vehicles.

So that charging is available for residents, visitors and businesses, Council provides on street electric vehicle charging stations as part of the Eastern Suburbs Public Charging Station Network. Council will continue to install on-street EV charging to meet increasing demand.

To find your local charging stations, you can use PlugShare.

Electric vehicle information and resources

Council works with industry experts and peak bodies to provide resources, information, and educational tools to help residents learn about electric vehicles.

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Can all EVs access the Council charge stations?

Yes. The charge stations allow for universal charging, meaning they will be accessible to all electric vehicle makes and models. EVs will need to adhere to normal parking restrictions that apply at each site.

Where does the charging station’s energy come from?

The charge stations are powered by 100% renewable energy.

What parking rules apply?

These parking spots are designated as ‘No Parking - Electric Vehicles Excepted Only While Charging’. Charging is demonstrated by the charging cable being connected from the vehicle to the charge station. Should an EV not be charging, or another vehicle parked here, the driver could incur a fine (Disobey No Parking). Electric vehicle drivers will need to adhere to any normal parking restrictions that apply at that location. If you do encounter the wrong vehicle parked in this space, prohibiting EVs to park and charge, you can report it to Waverley Customer Service Centre via the Snap, Send, Solve app or call 9083 8000.