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climateAction to drastically reduce Council and community greenhouse gas emissions are a key priority for Waverley Council. We were one of the first Australian councils to adopt strong greenhouse gas emission reduction and environmental targets. In 2018 Waverley committed to moving towards a zero-waste community and net zero emissions by 2050.

In 2019 Waverley declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, acknowledging that urgent collaborative action at all levels of government is necessary to protect our environment and community for future generations. In 2020, Council signed the Safe Climate Declaration, committing to accelerate our greenhouse gas emission reduction plans.

Electricity is a major contributor to our Council and community carbon footprint. By reducing our electricity use and switching to renewable energy power sources, we can all help in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, individually, organisationally and as a community.

Energy Emissions chart

By reducing energy use and using less carbon-polluting energy sources, we can together reach these goals and save money in the long-term.

Saving energy at home

Find out simple ways to reduce energy use and cut electricity costs at home.

Saving energy at work

Find out about how you can get help to save money for your business on your electricity bills.

Going solar in Waverley

Discover how to go solar and buy Green Power.

Our projects

Learn about Council’s own energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy projects, plus other programs and partnerships with the community to help reach our goals.

We can also reduce our rubbish and choose to cycle and walk more and take public transport.

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