Cycling maps & parking

transportThe Cycling in Woollahra & Waverley maps shows existing and proposed recommended cycling routes through the Eastern Suburbs. It also features 5 specific local trips suitable for a variety of cycling styles.

Easy: Suitable for recreational riders and families
Moderate: Suitable for fitness and recreational riders
Hard: Suitable for sports and fitness riders

Ride 1: Bondi Beach to Rose Bay – 11km (Easy)
Ride 2: Paddington to Darling Point – 7km (Easy)
Ride 3: Centennial Park to Bronte – 11km (Easy)
Ride 4: A grand tour of Sydney’s East – 32 km (Moderate)
Ride 5: Sydney Olympics Road Circuit – 17km (Moderate / Hard)

Detailed ride descriptions available.

Bike parking

Convenient parking is essential in supporting safe, easy travel for people visiting the Waverley area. There are many bike parking locations around shops, beaches and schools.

There are various types of bike parking utilised around Waverley.  You may have seen our popular Car Bike Port at Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction.

Bike racks

Bike racks in our village centres benefit people walking and cycling and all path users by reducing the number of bikes that are locked to street signs or store fronts.  Bike racks are good for local businesses too, allowing people on bicycles to easily stop and browse without worrying about security.

If you have an idea of a location that could benefit from bike parking, please contact Council ( Waverley Council will investigate the request and check if it meets the criteria to be installed. Note that Waverley Council does not install bicycle parking on private property (eg. Unit blocks, office complexes)

Please provide:

  1. Request details
  2. Location
  3. Who will most likely be using this parking – tenants, students, short term visitors, commuters, etc.
  4. Photos to supplement the request details.
  5. Your name and contact details

Bike sheds and lockers

Bike sheds and lockers at public transport hubs are provided by Transport for NSW.

There are 12 bike lockers  available at Bondi Junction Station in the Syd Einfeld Drive car park. Bike lockers are reserved, individual lockable spaces. These can be rented through NSW Transport for periods of 3 months or longer.

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