Cycling tips

New to riding?

Choosing a bicycletransport

Test ride a variety of styles and find one that fits you and that you enjoy riding!

If you live in a hilly part of the area, you will probably want a bike with a good range of gearing.

When buying a bike, you’ll need to budget for a quality bike lock as well as the items listed below as required by the Road Rules.

To give cycling a go without investing in a bicycle, you can also check out Sydney’s bike share programs.

NSW Road Rules

The law says you must have:

  • An approved helmet – must be worn at all times when riding a bike.  This includes all ages.
  • A red rear reflector.
  • At least 1 working brake.
  • A bell, horn or similar warning device.
  • At night, a front white light and a rear red light.

Cyclists are not permitted to ride on footpaths. The exceptions are children under the age of 16 and adults (18 years or over) supervising a child under 16.

The full NSW Road Rules are available on the RMS Website.

General tips

  • Join a skills course. Waverley Council runs a series of FREE cycling skills and bicycle maintenance workshops. These courses include useful skills to give you confidence on the road.
  • Start with shorter trips (eg. 5km) and once you get used to riding that distance, start to branch out on longer distances.
  • Find a pleasant route.  Roads are often designed for funneling cars onto the major routes.  There are often back streets that are much nicer for travelling by bicycle that can get you to your destination in roughly the same amount of time.
  • Find a cycling group that matches your type of cycling.  You can find like-minded groups on Facebook and Meetup.

ABC check

Before every ride, it is good to perform the ABC check:

  • AIR – Are your tyres pumped up? Does your bike bounce?
  • BRAKES – Are your brakes working?
  • CHAIN – Does your back wheel spin freely?

Cycling in Waverley

Our page Cycling in Waverley contains more information on maps & parking, events and workshops.

More information

For more cycling tips, please email our Sustainable Transport Officer or phone 9083 8678

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