More and more people are cycling in 2020 and TfNSW is pro-actively supporting this as it works with Waverley and other Councils to develop new pop-up cycleways.  TfNSW bike riding web page provides information about these new cycleways and how to get started using your bicycle to get around Sydney.

Construction of the Bondi Junction Cycleway between York Road and Bondi Road is currently underway. The section from St James Road (Oxford Street) and Bronte Road (Spring Street) was opened for use in June 2021. Construction is underway at Bronte Road. Construction of the section on Oxford Street from St James Road to York Road is scheduled in 2022.

Waverley Council has worked with Centennial Parklands and Randwick Council to develop a pedestrian and cycling path along Queens Park between York Road and Carrington Street. Centennial Parklands is responsible for the delivery of this project which is funded by Transport for NSW.

Maps & parking

Explore Waverley’s bicycle routes with our maps.  Read about the various types of bicycle parking available in the area.

Tips for cycling

Resources including handy hints, road rules and other helpful information for cycling in Sydney.

Bike share

Find out what bike share is, how you can use it and the limitations Council has on managing it.


Our events to celebrate and support moving around Waverley by bicycle are currently on hold or severely constrained due to COVID-19.


No workshops are currently scheduled in Waverley. In the meantime you can book in for the City of Sydney cycling skills and bike maintenance workshops.

Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan

To ensure people can move around Waverley easily and safely, future infrastructure needs to support bike riding for transport and recreation.

In 2022, with the community’s help, we will develop a Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan. Before we do, we want you to tell us what would make Waverley a more inviting place to ride?

Please visit Have Your Say for more information and to be kept up to date as this project progresses.

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