At work

You can reduce costs at work by saving water and using water-efficient products. Businesses account for nearly one-third of Sydney’s daily water use.

10 water saving tips

  1. Mop or sweep floors instead of hosing down hard surfaces. Microfibre mops use less water, create less waste and reduce slip hazards.
  2. Fix leaks – check leaks in taps, pipes and hoses. One leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month! Leak detection takes just a few minutes. Check that urinals and toilets are not leaking or flushing when not in use.
  3. Inspect washers and seals regularly and replace them once they appear worn.
  4. Install water-efficient appliances and equipment – e.g. at least 3 star rated flow restrictors in taps and showers. Replace single flush toilets with efficient dual flush models - they use 50% less water as old models.
  5. Reuse rainwater - collect rainwater in a tank and reuse it for irrigation, dust suppression or toilet flushing.
  6. Rinse dishes in a plugged sink - it's just as easy and effective as under a running tap.
  7. Install a wastewater treatment system to recycle water and cut down on water bills. Seek professional advice.
  8. Inform and involve staff - include water saving information in staff training programs and discuss ideas at staff meetings.
  9. Motivate staff – link water savings with staff performance.
  10. Communicate water saving ideas using your intranet, newsletters, emails or posters. Encourage staff to send water saving ideas via email or through suggestion boxes.

Benchmark your business

Compare your water use with businesses like yours easily using Sydney Water’s benchmarks.

Reduce stormwater pollution

There are simple things you can do in your business that can reduce stormwater pollution and keep our waterways and oceans clean.

Find out more

  • Email us or call 9083 8045.
  • Check out Sydney Water’s programs and resources - including best practice guidelines, a rainwater tank calculator, and water management meeting for businesses who hold an additional services agreement with Sydney Water.

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