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WaterWe are conserving and managing our own water use and waterways with several stormwater recycling and reuse systems, as well as Water Sensitive Urban Design projects.

Tamarama stormwater recycling system

Council has installed a state-of-the-art stormwater recycling system in Tamarama Park, which will collects, treats and recycles polluted stormwater that would otherwise flow into the gully and beach.

Bondi stormwater project

Find out about this award-winning project that harvests stormwater underground at Bondi Beach to supply water for irrigation, cleaning and toilet flushing.

Bronte Gully stormwater harvesting and reuse project

We harvest stormwater underground in Bronte Park. The treated stormwater is re-used to water the grasslands, gardens, and to clean public spaces.

Waverley and Barracluff Parks groundwater harvesting systems

Find out how we capture and use bore water for irrigation instead of drinking water for our parks and garden at Waverley Park and at Barracluff Park.

Rainwater tanks

We have installed various rainwater tanks as a simple and cost-effective measure to conserve water from the main supply.

Bronte Creek restoration project

Learn about how we have restored Bronte Creek to improve the water quality in the creek and reduce soil erosion.

Bondi Junction raingardens

Raingardens, also known as bioretention gardens, work to remove pollutants from stormwater before it enters our beaches and waterways.

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