Tamarama stormwater recycling system

WaterCouncil has installed a state-of-the-art stormwater recycling system in Tamarama Park.

The system collects, treats and recycles polluted stormwater that would otherwise flow into the gully and beach. The clean recycled water is then be used for irrigating the park, Bushcare activities and toilet flushing at the kiosk.

The system is similar to the ones in place at Bondi and Bronte and helps improve water quality at Tamarama Gully and Tamarama Beach, whilst conserving drinking water and saving money.

Key benefits of the project:

  • Saving at least 14 million litres of drinking water each year
  • Keeping our parks and street gardens green
  • Reducing rubbish discharged and trapped within Tamarama Gully
  • Reducing pollution at Tamarama Beach
  • Improving irrigation at Tamarama Park
  • Improved water security in times of drought

Tamarama Storm Water

More information

Email our Sustainable Water Coordinator or call 9083 8086.

Need more information?

Corey Fox
Phone: 9083 8086
Email corey.fox@waverley.nsw.gov.au

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