Planning Proposals

What is a planning proposal?

A Planning Proposal is a proposed amendment to or creation of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). An amendment may constitute a change to the land use zoning, maximum height of building or floor space ratio (FSR) or a site. Planning Proposals can be prepared by Council, or they can be proponent / applicant-led, usually for a specific site (also known as spot-rezonings). A Planning Proposal should demonstrate strategic and site-specific merit and consistency with State and local strategies and policies.

There are four categories of Planning Proposals at Waverley

  • Request for simple planning amendment to be included in annual housekeeping amendment
  • Minor – Minor planning proposal generally refers to a single allotment spot rezoning generated by a planning anomaly or inconsistency. These proposals are generally not complex or contentious.
  • Major – ‘Major’ planning proposals refers to applications requiring a higher level of investigation, possibly involving several disciplines within Council or that may generate considerable community interest.
  • Complex – ‘Complex’ planning proposals will require extensive investigation, generate considerable community interest and are likely to be the catalyst for consideration of planning controls on sites further afield than the subject site.

From 7 September 2022 onwards, all proponent-led Planning Proposals are required to prepare and submit a Social Impact Statement (SIS) report in accordance with the Waverley Social Impact Assessment Guidelines 2022. Please refer to the Guidelines for information on what social impacts are and what is expected from a Social Impact Statement.

Applicants of proponent-led Planning Proposals will be charged an additional fee in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges for an independent consultant to undertake a peer review of any SIS report submitted.

* NOTE: *Clause 11(1) of Part 2 of the Regulations authorises the relevant planning authority to enter into an agreement with a person who requests the preparation of a planning proposal under Part 3 of the Act for the payment of the costs and expenses incurred by the authority in undertaking studies and other matters required.

Current Planning Proposals

Click on the link for a list of up-to-date Planning Proposals, and select ‘Waverley LGA’.

If you have any questions regarding Planning Proposals, contact Strategic Town Planning on 9083 8000.

The planning proposal process

The Planning Proposal process

Waverley Council is guided by the Community Participation Plan (CPP), which seeks to make community participation in local planning matters clearer for the Waverley community. It does this by outlining in one place how and when Council will involve the community and receive input across various planning processes and decisions.

The CPP was introduced following amendments to the EP&A Act in March 2018, which seek to ‘provide increased opportunity for community participation in environmental planning and assessment’. The Waverley CPP has been prepared to meet Council’s legislative requirements under Division 2.6 and Schedule 1 of the EP&A Act. It applies to the exercise of planning processes and decisions by Council, Council Officers and the Waverley Local Planning Panel (WLPP) only.