Waverley Design Excellence Advisory Panel

The Waverley Design Excellence Advisory Panel undertakes reviews of development applications (DA’s) and Pre- DA’s and provides advice to Council staff regarding the design quality and excellence of a proposal.

The Panel is made up of a pool of professionals, independent of Council, with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and heritage. The Panel consists up to 4 members and meets monthly at the Waverley Council Chambers during office hours.

The following types of development will be referred to the Panel to provide advice:

  • Applications required to be assessed against State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 65 - Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development
  • Significant developments (developments with a value of $20m +)
  • New multi dwelling housing, residential flat buildings and other residential buildings (including but not limited to boarding houses, student housing and serviced apartments)
  • New mixed use developments
  • New commercial and retail buildings
  • Institutional buildings
  • Significant alterations and additions to buildings in the B1 (Neighbourhood centre), B3 (Commercial core) and B4 (Mixed Use) zones
  • Site specific development control plans, master plans for large or major sites and planning proposals.
  • Other matters deemed suitable by Council’s senior planning staff and managers.

The Panel may also be asked to review proposed changes to Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans (DCP’s), site specific DCP’s, master plans for large or major sites and planning proposals.

Council's Panel Co-coordinator will contact the applicant 7 days before the meeting to invite them to address the Panel. It is recommended that the architect for the application attend the meeting to explain the design of the project.

After the meeting, the Panel will provide minutes/comments to Council on the merits of the proposal to assist Council in their design consideration of an application against the 9 design principles set out in SEPP 65 Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development and/or whether the proposal achieves Design Excellence. An amended proposal may also be required to be referred back to the Panel for comment.

The Design Excellence Advisory Panel do not determine Development Applications, rather provide expert advice for Council's Assessing Officer's consideration.

If your proposal is required to be reviewed by the Design Excellence Advisory Panel, 4 additional hard copies of the plans must be provided and a referral fee to be paid at the time of DA lodgement.