Heritage exemption certificate

The Waverley Local Environmental Plan (WLEP) 2012 provides for certain minor works to (specific to heritage conservation areas and heritage items) be excluded from requiring development consent if a Heritage Exemption Certificate has been issued in accordance with Clause 5.10(3) of the WLEP.

A Heritage Exemption Certificate may be issued by Council if the works proposed to be carried out on a particular site are considered minor and do not have an impact on the significance of the heritage conservation area or heritage item.

If your application is approved, you will be issued a certificate which means a DA will not need to be lodged for approval of the works. If your application is rejected, you will be notified in writing.

The Certificate is by application only, and will be assessed by Council's Planning Department. A  fee applies which is to be paid upon online lodgement.

Your application must be assessed and approval granted in writing before you can proceed with the proposed works.

Apply for a Heritage Exemption Certificate

You can apply for a Heritage Exemption Certificate online through Council's website. Hard copy applications are no longer accepted.

The process is simple:

Your application will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive an electronic PDF version of your Heritage Exemption Certificate.

Please note: You cannot apply for a Heritage Exemption Certificate for multiple properties under one application.

Before you apply

Please refer to the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP) Schedule 5This external link will open in a new window to check whether or not your property has heritage listing or is within a heritage conservation area before lodging your application for a Heritage Exemption Certificate.

Please note that a certificate will not be issued for the following works:

  • demolition
  • erection of a building
  • any works which would require a construction certificate
  • change of use
  • removal/pruning of trees

More information

  • Phone our Duty Planner on 9083 8484