Ingrid Grace, Local History Research and Engagement Officer

Taps from the Turkish Bath that was at the Bondi Pavilion

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The makers of the taps are unknown but they were installed in the Bondi Pavilion for use in the Turkish Baths 1928 – 1929 – mid 1930s. They were kept by the builder who dismantled the Turkish Baths in approximately the mid - 1930s. At an unknown date they were donated back to the Bondi Pavilion administration office. In 2006 Lawrie Williams, Services Coordinator, Bondi Beach Place Management Unit donated them to the Waverley Library Local Studies Department and are now kept in the Archive Room.

I find them just fabulous, intriguing objects, interesting to look at and to make drawings of.

They relate to Waverley as they come from the iconic Bondi Pavilion down at Bondi Beach, the beach that is known around the world.