Waverley Council issues a number of planning, building and development certificates.

  • Complying Development Certificate

    This is small scale, low impact development that does not qualify as Exempt Development and is capable of faster approval process. Approval is granted with the issue of a Complying Development Certificate.

  • Construction Certificate

    After a Development Application (DA) is approved, a Construction Certificate is needed before building can begin. A Construction Certificate certifies that the construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and other relevant standards, the development consent and conditions, and that all necessary fees have been paid.

  • Occupation Certificate

    An Occupation Certificate is issued by the appointed Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for a development and grants approval for the use or occupation of a building. It is required for any new building work or change of use of a building with development consent or a Complying Development Certificate.

  • Subdivision Certificate

    If you wish to subdivide a piece of land that you own, you must first get development consent from Council and then apply for a Subdivision Certificate.

  • Section 603 Rating Certificate

    A Section 603 Rating Certificate specifies any outstanding rates, charges and debts payable to Council in relation to a property.

  • Section 735A and Section 121ZP Outstanding Notices Certificate

    A Section 735A & 121ZP Outstanding Notices Certificate lists any outstanding notices and orders issued by Council in relation to a particular property.

  • Section 10.7 Planning Certificate

    Under Section 10.7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Waverley Council can issue a certificate providing information about planning controls or property issues relating to any piece of land within the local government area.

  • Building Information Certificate

    If you want Council to check the work that has been undertaken on a site, you should apply for a Building Certificate.

  • Heritage Exemption Certificate

    A Heritage Exemption Certificate may be issued if the works being carried out on a particular site do not have an impact on the significance of the heritage area or item. This means a DA may not need to be lodged for approval of the works.