Public Domain / Construction Activity Application

Application for Construction / Work Zone

Under Section 138 The Roads Act 1993

  1. This is an application only and you are not to use the zone until written permission is given by Waverley Council.
  2. Special purpose vehicles and equipment such as mobile cranes/concrete boom pumps/line pumps/scissor lifts/cherry pickers will require a separate application.
  3. Construction zones are referred to the Waverley Traffic Committee (WTC) for consideration and then to Council for approval.  Meetings of the WTC are held on the fourth Thursday of the month.  Applications must be received at least three weeks prior to the meeting.

The WTC cannot approve a construction zone. Instead it makes a recommendation to the next full Council meeting for consideration.

Council approval is required before installation. The applicant should allow a minimum of six (6) weeks for the approval.

Application to Occupy a Public Road or Footway

Under Section 138 The Roads Act 1993

This application form must be used when applying to occupy a public road for construction and other activities.

  • It includes line pump concrete pours. It excludes use of a lift, hoist, or tackle projecting over the footway.
  • A “crane” application is required for these activities. The occupation can be of a parking lane, road lane, cycleway, footpath, or open space.

Other application forms

If you need to use any technical equipment or storage on Council or public land, you should first check if you need approval.

  • Driveways and Vehicular Crossing Works on Council Land
    This application is for permission to construct a vehicle crossing and associated works by private contractors on Council land. This is NOT an application to build a garage, carport or parking space on private property.