Operational Plan & Register of Fees & Charges

The NSW Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting legislation requires councils to develop a long-term community strategic plan. Following each council election, it is our responsibility to review the Community Strategic Plan and associated Integrated Planning and Reporting documents in consultation with the community.

Following the Council election in September 2017, Council undertook an extensive consultation and engagement program to ensure the whole community had the opportunity to contribute to the review. More than 1200 community members were engaged on the vision and priorities for Waverley. Based on the community feedback we received, we drafted Waverley Community Strategic Plan 2018-2029, Delivery Program 2018-2021 and Operational Plan.

The Operational Plan is a sub-plan of the Delivery Program and sets out the activities to be undertaken in each year of the Delivery Program.

Waverley Council reports bi-annually against actions in its annual Operational Plan as a measure of progress towards achieving the four-year delivery program, and ultimately the community’s Vision.

Waverley Council adopted the Operational Plan 2020-21 and Pricing Policy and Schedule of Fees and Charges 2020-21 at its meeting on 30 June 2020.

Previous Plans and Pricing Policy and Schedule of Fees and Charges