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Innovating Work Experience Program

The Innovating Work Experience Project (IWEP) is a program that expands the concept of work experience through project-based learning opportunities within Council and the Community.

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The Innovation Lab is a sought after opportunity catering for all young people including those who don't necessarily suit traditional pathways or are seeking work experience opportunities.

In 2019, Waverley Council hosted its first IWEP which brought together a group of passionate students who wanted to solve problems creatively and take the first step towards learning practical, job-ready skills.

The first phase of the program was a Design Jam, which involved an intensive one-day workshops to generate ideas in response to a proposed challenge. The challenge presented to participants was to create a more vibrant community using business.

A key focus of the program was to use "imagination without limitation". Over several weeks, teams were formed, project ideas were explored and students were given access to industry mentors to help shape their ideas into formal responses to the challenge.

The last step of the program required teams to pitch their final business ideas to members of the community at Waverley Council Chambers. Below is a snapshot of the pitches that were presented:

  • Rhythm Road - An innovative solution to the current epidemic of youth addiction to screens
  • Ignite Youth Events - A social media platform that seeks to keep teens in the loop with events happening in their local area
  • Fifth Chamber - A management firm for unearthed bands to connect and pool resources to generate greater exposure
  • The Heart Garden - An initiative that promotes wellness through the peace and inclusivity of community gardening
  • Mimmy Art - A social media platform that holds competitions and design challenges for emerging artists to promote their work

All teams have been given the opportunity to pursue their ideas further through the IWEP.

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