Child & family support

Waverley Council Children's Services supports the needs of all children including children who:

  • Have a disability including intellectual, sensory or physical impairment
  • Have a parent with a disability
  • Have a significant delay in their development
  • Are at risk of abuse or neglect or are a family with high support needs
  • Are of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander descent
  • Are of a non-English speaking background

Family Support Worker

  • Provides a family support service to families with children aged 0-5 years who attend Waverley Council’s Children’s Services, and families residing in the Waverley LGA.
  • Assists in providing priority of access to children with additional needs into Waverley Council's Early Education Centres and Family Day Care services.
  • Provide a support service to families who face difficulties or experience stress and crises through the provision of counselling, information advocacy and referral.
  • Deliver family education programs and information sessions on relevant topics of support.
  • Provide casework to vulnerable families and referral to community based support services for families in the Waverley LGA.

The service is available every Monday to Wednesday.

For more information please contact
Stella Despinidis
Phone: 9083 8938  Mobile: 0481 462 575

Alternatively, click here to have a chat with Stella on Zoom from 11.00-11.45am every Tuesday.

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Need more information? Contact

Stella Despinidis
Phone: 9083 8000

Mobile: 0481 462 575