The enterprises

The young entrepreneurs have developed the following projects throughout the Incubator period.

The Heart Garden

What? A community garden to bring the community closer together. A place where locals and visitors have an opportunity to undertake yoga, mindfulness and art classes whilst contributing to the green, local and sustainable movement.

Why? We feel that the local area needs more inspiring and collaborative public spaces. ­We need to find ways in which all locals of all ages can collectively contribute to a better community.

Contact: Lotus David, Lilly Pereira


Mimmi Arts & Co

What? A digital platform that provides opportunity, connections and exposure to unearthed artists by creating online competitions for young artists to enter, display and sell their work.

Why? We felt that there wasn’t a platform for up and coming artists to display their talents and keep inspiring a whole generation of artists.

Contact: Simone Scohel, Mariana Subias


Instagram: @mimmyartco

Ignite Youth Events

What? A digital search and events platform aimed at 12- 18-year olds to provide information about local events in arts, environment, education, music and food. We connect teenagers with organisations and events by keeping teenagers informed with what they could engage in.

Why? We felt there was a need to help include teenagers in local events as many were not engaged with their community.

Contact: Rosie Wilkie, Archie Broughton


Instagram: @igniteyouthevents

Rhythm Road

What? Rhythm Road designs and builds play equipment with musical features to entice primary school students to be more active.

Why? We feel that young people spend too much time on devices, computers inside their homes and we know that music and outdoor activities will help many people with their mental health. Why not start at an early age and why not use music to help.

Contact: Jack O’Brien, Felix Catley, Harry Truacki, Harley Collias


Instagram: @rythm_road

5th Chamber

What? Connects up and coming musicians with opportunities to increase their exposure and audience base.

Why? Our founders understand the struggle of up and coming artists including a lack of opportunities to perform and express their talents.

Contact: Nurjhan Toi and Jasmine Callanan


Instagram: @5th.chamber