Waverley Council acknowledges that not all people in the community have access to safe and secure accommodation. Council is committed to addressing homelessness and works with a number specialist services and government agencies on homelessness initiatives.

  • Homeless Support Services
  • The Waverley Homeless Persons Protocol which guides Council officers in providing support to homeless people living in public places and to increase their access to services and to minimise the negative impacts homelessness has on their lives.
  • The Eastern Suburbs Homeless Assertive (ESHAC) is a network of government and specialist homelessness services that work together to meet the needs of people sleeping rough in the eastern suburbs. It meets monthly and has been operating for about four years, successfully supporting and housing people experiencing homelessness. Weekly outreach services are provided by the specialist homelessness services in the area.
  • The Eastern Suburbs Street Count, covering Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick local government areas, is held once a year. The street count collects accurate and up-to-date information about the number of people sleeping rough across the three areas. The information is also used to help people to access supports. For information on the 2020 NSW street count click here.

How can I help homeless people?

You can best help homeless people by volunteering or donating to local organisations that assist people to get the help and accommodation they need. For further information contact:

Don’t be a dumper

It may seem to be a helpful and kind thing to do, but often rough sleepers do not need or want items that members of the public give them. Homeless people tell us they feel obliged to take items such as bedding and clothing even though they do not want them. Homeless people have limited ability to keep or store these items so please do not give items that are a burden to homeless people and often end up as dumped rubbish.