Waverley Parklet Program

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A parklet is a footpath extension that provides more additional public space and amenity such as seating and planting. They are intended to act as a gathering place for the community and serve as a space to relax and interact, helping to accommodate any unmet demand for public space on thriving neighbourhood retail streets and commercial areas.

The parklet platforms sit adjacent a footpath and take up one car space, converting parking space into vibrant community space. The flexibility and movability of parklets allow them to be utilised as trials and make them invaluable to Council’s dedication to respond to any change in community priorities over time.

The Waverley Council Parklet Program has been running since 2018, following the Complete Streets Project, when two parklets were installed on Spring Street as a way to trial footpath and public space upgrades such as seating and planting in Bondi Junction. After this initial success in Bondi Junction, two more parklets were installed within the LGA. The original intention was for these parklets to be owned and managed by the public who are interested in local gardening and placemaking projects. However, over the life of the program, parklet maintenance and operations have been observed to function better in a close collaboration between Council and local businesses.

Council successfully acquired five new parklets as part of the Streets as Shared Spaces (SASS) Grant by the NSW Government in early 2023. The SASS program aimed to trial changes that support long term positive change and involved a significant community engagement requirement. As well as identifying location-specific learnings for parklets, the trial identified significant public space values the community holds and identified priorities regarding the allocation of the space within our streetscapes. Council will continue to monitor community priorities around streets as shared spaces into the future with the aim of creating a more inviting, friendly and accessible public domain.

If you have any feedback or queries, please reach out to parklets@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

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