Statement of Commitment to Reconciliation

In 2000, Waverley Council adopted the following Statement of Commitment to Reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians:

Waverley Council acknowledges that Aboriginal Australians were the first people of this land and were dispossessed by the European occupation more than two centuries ago. The arrival of Europeans brought massive change to the land and to its Indigenous people.

Waverley Council acknowledges and grieves for the loss by the Indigenous people of their land, their children, their health and their lives. However, we also celebrate their survival and the survival of their culture.

We support the right of Aboriginal Australians to determine their own future and recognise their right to live according to their own values and customs.

We commit ourselves to respecting Aboriginal sacred sites and special places.

The Council recognises the valuable contribution of Aboriginal Australians and looks forward to a future of mutual respect and harmony.

The Council supports Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians working together for reconciliation.