Street Play

Welcome to Street Play!

Six children playing in the streets of Waverley with basketballs, footballs and scooters

Waverley Council has adopted a street play initiative to help keep children active and bring communities together. Street play is for neighbours to organise with some support from Council.  They are intended for residents living in the same street plus, of course, some of their friends if they wish.

With more apartments and houses built on smaller blocks of land, the capability to be able to play on the street is an important opportunity for children and families.

Street play events give the local community opportunities to gather.

A street play event involves people congregating within a section of road that has been temporarily closed to traffic.  Vehicular access for residents and emergency services would still be possible under guidance. It is an event:

  • organised and funded by residents
  • with only up to 100 people attending
  • without external publicity
  • in a single or linked couple of streets
  • that doesn’t have structures such as stages
  • doesn’t require any licence

It is not:

  • an event that attracts people from outside the immediate community
  • an event with products (food or otherwise) for sale unless authorised by Council
  • a party advertised on social media to the general public

Participating streets would be closed to traffic to allow children and families to play and socialise safely.

What you will need to do

  • Download the guide, application form, and our guidelines for traffic controllers (referred to as “Small community events involving road closures”).
  • Discuss with your neighbours what you want to do.
  • Let affected neighbours know by letterbox drop that you will be applying for the event to be approved.  Give them a contact to respond to if they wish.
  • Submit your application.
  • Organise tables, shelter, food etc.
  • Enjoy the day.

What we will do

  • We will review your application and assist in making the event safe.
  • We will supply road closure signs, stop/slow bats, and safety vests for traffic controllers.
  • We will provide basic training for the person/s nominated for traffic control.
  • We will advise NSW Police of your application.

For more information contact Customer Service on 9083 8000 or

Small community events involving road closures 

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