Neighbourhood celebrations & gatherings

Neighbourhood celebrations and gatherings are a great way to build a more connected and cohesive neighbourhood and to get to know your neighbours a little more.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, knowing your neighbours can make a difference:

  • Stronger communities
  • Neighbours can help you in emergencies, keep an eye on your place or put the bins out for you when you are away
  • Managing disputes such as noise or parking can be easier if you know your neighbours.

Neighbourhood celebrations can be a way to trial or get feedback on a community project or initiative you’re thinking of starting. They can take place at someone’s home, in your street or in a local park.

How you can get started:

  • Get to know your neighbours by hosting a Neighbour Day morning tea or picnic. Neighbourhood Day is celebrated in March each year. You can find more at the Neighbourhood Day website and facebook page.
  • Plan a BBQ, picnic, or afternoon tea and invite your neighbours – Council may be able to help support a get together to kick start a new project
  • Compile a list of benefits to gain from a neighbourhood network, such as shared childcare, carpooling, dog-walking, bulk shopping, house-sitting, a shared library of garden or DIY tools, and shared storage space
  • Print invitations or knock on doors to explain your ideas
  • Keep in touch - consider a street Facebook group to share news and needs.

We can help with ideas. Contact Council’s Local Connections Coordinator for more information on 9083 8916 or email