Charing Cross Streetscape Upgrade

Charing Cross, Bronte Rd

Charing Cross village centre is known for its community-minded values and heritage. It caters to small businesses, schools, residents and a large volume of through and local traffic.

To improve amenity and safety we will upgrade the streetscape in Charing Cross.

The project's scope includes:

  • upgrades to pathways and roads
  • undergrounding of powerlines aka ASP3 (see FAQs). 
  • the introduction of trees and on-street seating throughout the village centre
  • removal of existing wooden light poles and installation of new multifunction poles for improved lighting, banner flags and bike hoops
  • a Traffic Study to to assess safety and efficiency of the transport network. The study will:
    • review the movements of vehicles through Charing Cross (including whether through traffic should be directed away onto Carrington Rd)
    • focus on public transport, walking and cycling on Bronte Rd
    • asses the safety and efficiency of intersections
    • look at the current/future pick-up/drop-off zones for St Catherine’s Primary and Public Schools and;
    • all current bus stop locations

Construction is aimed to begin in Autumn 2021 and will be completed in stages to minimise inconvenience to users.

Community Consultation 

We are going to get started on a concept plan using the scope above. Then we will call on businesses, schools, residents, the Charing Cross precinct committee and as many community members as would like to be involved, to provide us with feedback and suggestions.

If you would like to be apart of this process you can do it in a number of ways:

  1. If you live or work on Bronte Rd, Charing Cross and want to get in touch about the undergrounding of powerlines please register in the form on the Have your say page
  2. Follow the project on our Have your say site and you will receive updates on this project
  3. If you think we have missed something from the list above fill out the form on the Have your say page