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Car sharing provides Waverley residents with 24-hour access to shared vehicles parked in their neighbourhood.

Waverley Council has approved around 80 car share pods operated by 2 different car share companies across the local government area including at Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach, North Bondi, Bondi Bronte, Tamarama, Queens Park and Charing Cross.

Other different car share schemes that don't require dedicated car share pods also operate in Waverley. These include the neighbour to neighbour car sharing scheme Car Next Door.

Why car share?

  • It’s convenient – no parking hassles or garage issues, just pick up the car from a pod near you.
  • It’s cost-effective - you don’t need to buy a car, just share one!
  • It’s environmentally friendly – less cars, less pollution.
  • No registration, no maintenance, no petrol charges, no worries.

How to get started with car share

  1. Check out the Waverley car share mapfor car pods near you, and note down the car share company.
  2. Choose your preferred car share company. Go Get and Hertz 24/7 operate car share services using these pods.
  3. Visit your chosen car share company’s website for details of how to join their services, rates and other pods available elsewhere in Sydney.
  4. Once you have joined the program, you can book vehicles for as little as one hour via the phone or internet.

Is it good for me?

Car sharing is a great option for individuals who don't need a car or that second car full time. It’s also a good option for those who could mostly walk, cycle or use public transport with only occasional need for the use of a private car.

By selling your (second) car and taking up a car share membership, you could save money and eliminate the worries of looking after and parking your car.

Benefiting the community

  • Car share is also good for the community. By reducing car ownership, there is:
  • Less car usage resulting in less traffic congestion and improved air quality.
  • Reduced number of cars on our roads. Each active car share pod can result in up to 6 fewer cars parked and driven on the local roads. The average private car spends most of the time parked while a car share car can be shared by between 10 or 20 people.
  • Better environmental outcomes through the use of new, fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Public transport competing with car use on a level playing field by including all the costs of a car up-front and highlighting the value of public transport.

Car Share Policy

Check out Waverley Council’s Car Share Policy.

Find out more

Contact our Sustainable Transport Officer
Phone: 8306 3678

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