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If you are from a school, early education centre or childcare facility in the Waverley area, Council can help support you to make environmentally-friendly improvements.

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Green Sparks

Green Sparks is a project design and leadership program, and a fun competition. Students will learn new skills and build confidence in their ideas and abilities.

The program provides an opportunity for students to design a solution to an environmental concern they see at their school. Some examples include a lack of bird habitat, playground litter or waster being wasted. Green Sparks is for students in years five and six, though we’re looking at expanding this to other school years in the future. Click here to find out more.

Sharing ideas and networking - Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network (ESSSN)

The ESSSN involves teachers, parents and students from schools in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs interested in sustainability and environmental education. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources. ESSSN meets once a term and we help organise meetings, agendas and guest speakers.

Want to get involved? Click here to to find out how.

Solar My School

Solar my School is an Eastern Suburns initiative and program to help local schools navigate a path to solar success by choosing the right solar system and setting them up with a reliable installer, as well as providing materials to teach students about the benefits of solar.

Free water assessment and water efficiency products

Find out where your water is used on your school grounds with a free water audit from Council. You will also get water-saving advice and products. By applying simple solutions, you can cut your school’s water use by anywhere between 15% and 50%!

Email our Business Educator for more information.

Native seedlings

Native seedlings are available to each school as part of National Tree Day on July 26. Requests must be made by the end of June to ensure supply of seedlings. We can also offer advice on the best native plants for your school.

Email our Schools Environment Officer or call 9369 8049 to find out how your school can get involved.

Reduced cost recycling

Don’t yet have rubbish recycling at your school? We offer reduced cost recycling collection services to schools that have Council as their waste contractor.

Before schools start recycling, it’s important to determine how you can avoid creating waste in the first place. Council can discuss the waste hierarchy – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ – with you and the kids and how to apply this in a school context.

Recycling at schools can work well, but requires planning to ensure that it is supported by the right behaviour and attitudes before schools are provided with recycling bins. We can help students organise a waste audit and create an education plan to get the whole school involved with the right ways to recycle. Without this, recycling can fail to work due to high levels of contamination in recycling bins.

Email our Commercial Waste Manager or call 8306 3667 to enquire about our recycling collection service. If you'd like assistance with recycling education, please email our Schools Environment Officer or call 9369 8049.

Travelling to schools safely and healthily

Like many parents, you are probably sick of sitting in traffic on the school run and concerned about your children's safety around the school. Council runs several programs aimed at reducing traffic around schools to help make them a healthy and safe environment.

Find out more about Council's safe school travel programs.

Helping local schools with their Green Teams

Grants and financial assistance

Have a great project idea for your school but limited budget? There are various ways to secure funding for your school’s initiatives.

Grant opportunities are available to local schools for innovative and practical school projects and initiatives. Visit our Environmental Grants page to find out more.

Some examples of grant-funded projects include:

  • Bondi Public School for introducing water-saving irrigation for their garden from their rainwater tanks, and extending their garden.
  • Waverley Public School for establishing a fruit and vegetable garden.
  • Moriah College Middle School for establishing a vegetable garden to be used in language lessons and other parts of their curriculum.
  • Montessori East for their “Eco-refuge”, transforming their synthetic grass playground into a natural area with edible gardens.

Discounted worm farms and compost bins

Why not start recycling organic food waste from the kitchen or from lunch box left overs? You can get a discounted worm farm or compost bin through the Compost Revolution Program. Up to five discounted compost bins and worm farms are available per school - simply do the tutorial and place a separate order for each compost bin or worm farm, being sure to include the name of the school or childcare centre in the delivery address.

If you are interested in larger scale composting, please email our Compost Revolution Coordinator or call 9369 8112.

Council can help schools get composting or worm farming programs going.

The Little Green Steps sustainability kit

We can provide your centre with an environmental education kit which includes four CDs: Sorting out waste, reducing energy, connecting with nature and reducing water.

The CDs are full of ideas and activities to do with the kids and also how to get the centre operating more sustainably.

Email our Schools Environment Officer or call 9369 8049 to order your kit today!

The Little Green Steps program was first created by Wyong Council in partnership with the State government. Waverley Council ran the project at several childcare centres in conjunction with other Sydney councils.

Like to know more? Download the Climbing Little Green Steps manual or the Little Green Steps Sydney report.

Further support and advice

If you have an environmental idea or issue related to your school or childcare centre, we are happy to provide advice, information and support wherever we can. You can talk to our Schools Environment Officer on 9369 8049 or send us an email.


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