Tony Kay

Tony KayCr Tony Kay migrated to Sydney from London in 1983, and has lived in Waverley for over 20 years. He is married to Camille. He was first elected in 2004, and is former Chair of Development Control, Waverley Traffic, and Environmental Sustainability committees, and was Deputy Mayor for five years from 2012.

Tony’s career includes management consultancy, with expertise in finance, project management and information technology. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Masters in Social Ecology.

Tony’s achievements include helping return Council to financial sustainability, pursuing better traffic and parking solutions for residents, supporting timely infrastructure renewal, ensuring local village upgrades, and improving the effectiveness of Council. Specific attainments include:

  • Aged Care Forum, leading to his initiatives for updates to Waverley’s Development Control Plan for accessibility and adaptability in new developments so that older people can age in place, and an overhaul of Council’s customer engagement for older people by the introduction of a concierge at the Customer Service Centre, Seniors Info Pack, and a new customer work flow.
  • Parking Pricing Review for more equitable parking fees, introducing a new 7-day trades person visitor parking permit, and requesting investigation of a Waverley smart card.
  • New kiosk & amenities block, playground, and subsequent landscaping, in Tamarama Park.
  • Independent Development Assessment Panel to save legal costs, remove conflicts of interest, and ensure a fair, accountable, and apolitical process.
  • Waverley People, Movement and Places study: where people go and how they get there, and ensuring realistic project outcomes.
  • Waverley Park improvements, including new bocce pitch, amenities block, multi-purpose sports courts, dog exercise areas and non-spill lighting.

Tony’s community involvement includes being a keen supporting member of Bondi’s Community Kitchen project “Our Big Kitchen” in Flood Street, Bondi.

Tony has demonstrated his leadership credentials, with his experience and results oriented commitment, proving to residents that even contentious issues can be resolved fairly and expediently.