Strategic Asset Management Plan

Waverley Council has developed Asset Management Plans to identify required expenditure with respect to the management of it’s assets. SAMP6 is Council’s sixth Strategic Asset Management Plan.

These plans interact with Council’s other strategic documentation including the Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP), Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Delivery Plan and the Environmental Action Plan (EAP).

Asset plans help Council with budgeting for the renewal, expansion, operating and maintenance costs of its assets over the period of the LTFP. They also assist with the needs of managing resources, systems, and planning for the delivery of works with an appropriate combination of contractors and internal staff.

Waverley Council is following the guidelines that accompany the Local Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Act 2009 (LGA). Council is committed to meeting requirements under the IP&R framework and follows IIMM guidelines by ensuring that all Council’s infrastructure assets are fully accounted for.

SAMP6 is made up of:

  • Asset Management Strategy (AMS)
  • Asset Management Policy
  • Eight individual Asset Management Plans (AMPs)

The key changes and updates included in this new version of the plan consist of:

  • Restructure of asset hierarchy to match functionality of asset group;
  • Reduction of asset classes from 9 to 8;
  • Increase knowledge of asset condition based on new condition inspection results;
  • New valuation performed on all major asset categories;
  • Updated backlog based on the new condition results;
  • Organisational performance and progress.