Problem waste drop off events

**As a result of resourcing constraints during Council's post-lockdown return to work plan, the Problem Waste Event scheduled for 6 November has been cancelled**

However, note that our Library and Customer Service Centre are re-opening from Monday 25 October, so please drop off all small electronics, including cables and accessories, batteries, tablets, laptops and other items at these locations. Visit our Problem Waste Stations page to learn more.

What to expect

We are currently planning dates for our next problem waste drop off events in 2022. Please check this site for regular updates prior to the event.

Recycle your household items for free at our problem waste drop off events throughout the year!

Get rid of problem waste the right way at one of our drop-off events. The events will accept your pre-loved clothes, polystyrene, electronics, batteries, light bulbs, soft plastics, cardboard, household batteries and x-rays. By recycling your unwanted items, you’re helping to create a circular economy. Every item you drop off is a valuable resource diverted from landfill that can be given a second life.

Problem wastes cannot be recycled through standard facilities and often require specific machines or processes to recycle them. Only certain materials are accepted at these events, so please have a look at the list of materials below.

Stylised map of the Waverley/Woollahra Depot

Things to know

  • This event will be contactless: To ensure the health and safety of our employees and communities, physical distancing measures will be in place and our team will be wearing masks and gloves. We’ll record your details for contact tracing. If you’re unwell, please stay home.
  • Separate your items: Before you arrive, group items into different bags, buckets or boxes. Pack these in your boot, backseat or trailer so that we can quickly and safely remove and sort them.
  • Stay in your vehicle: Our team will show you where to drive and we will unpack your vehicle for you to ensure everyone is staying safe.

What to bring and how

Please see below for a list of items that will be accepted at the drop-off event. Please click on each item for additional information and tips on how best to pack everything.


Textiles include clean and good condition garments, clothing, wearable shoes, handbags, belts, scarves, hats, and manchester including towels, bedspreads, blankets, bedsheets.

Packing tip: Avoid loose items


E-waste includes the following list of items:

  • computers and related products including monitors, mice and keyboards
  • cables
  • DVD players
  • hard drives
  • monitors
  • networking equipment
  • notebooks
  • printers and printer cartridges
  • projectors
  • scanners
  • TVs
  • VCR players
  • video cameras

Please note that white goods such as fridges are not included.

Packing tip: Bring old electronics in a box where possible


Batteries include all household batteries used to power items like remote controls.

Packing tip: Bring them loose or in a bag or box

Mobile phones

Before recycling your phone, please remember to delete your data. It’s your responsibility to wipe the data from your devices.

Packing tip: Bring them loose or in a bag or box

X-ray, CT and MRI scans

Before disposing of your scans, it’s always good to check if your doctor has copies saved electronically beforehand.

Packing tip: Bring them loose or in a bag or box

Soft plastics

Soft plastics include things like plastic bags and film, bread bags, chocolate and chips wrappers, bubble wrap, frozen food bags, and green supermarket bags.

Packing tip: Scrunch your soft plastic and tie them up in a plastic bag so they don’t fly away on the day

No foam wrapping, plastic strapping or food residue.

Bulky cardboard

If you have spare cardboard boxes, use them to separate and pack other items for drop-off.

Packing tip: Bring cardboard flattened, unless you’re using it to pack other items


Polystyrene with the recycling symbol '6' is a plastic that can’t be recycled in our kerbside recycling bins and is often lost to landfill but it can have a second life as building insulation or food containers.

Packing tip: Big pieces are fine on their own, but smaller pieces get flighty and should be kept together in a bag or box

No polystyrene peanuts, bean bag filling or foam wrap.


We are accepting all types of household light globes (halogen, LED, incandescent) and fluorescent tubes. Please take care in handling the bulbs as we can’t accept broken bulbs or tubes.

Packing tip: Carefully pack your light bulbs, separating them from heavier items to minimise any breaks

Need more information?

For any queries, please check back on this page for more details closer to the event date or email to sign up to our e-news.