Collection days & bins

WasteCouncil collects waste weekly from households in Waverley as well as garden waste, plastic, glass, paper and cardboard items fortnightly for recycling.

Residents also have a free scheduled clean-up collection plus two free 'Your Call' collections of bulky household items each year.

Find your collection days

Find out your red, blue, yellow and green bin collection days plus your scheduled household clean-up collection day. There are a number of ways you are able to access your waste calendar online.

Waste and recycling collection services

Click on any of our coloured bins below to find out more about our waste and recycling collection services.

Please click on any of our coloured bins below to find out more information about Waverley Council's collection services.

red bin yellow bin blue bin green bin

Extra collections and additional bins

We recognise there are times when residents may have extra garbage or recycling materials for collection.

Click here to book and view the fees and charges for an extra collection.

Click here to view fees and charges for additional waste bins. It is important to note that additional bins are subject to an additional annual Domestic Waste Charge of $562.

Please note, Council will not collect waste material which is placed on top of, or near your bin.

Stolen and damaged bins

If your bin is stolen or damaged, please contact our Resource Recovery Hotline on 9083 8000 and we will investigate. Bin repairs such as fixing damaged lids, hinges, wheels and axles are free of charge. Replacing stolen or damaged bins can however, incur a fee.

More information

Need more information?

  • Email us
  • Call Customer Service at 9083 8000

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