Residential Parking Permits

Resident Parking Schemes operate in different parts of Waverley. Residents who live within one of the zones may be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit so they can park free of charge, for an unlimited time, in the zone designated on the permit.

Low Emission Vehicles

  • Parking permits discount applies to hybrid / low emission vehicles with a CO2 emission no higher than 150 grams/kilometre (g/km) in the ‘combined’ driving cycle. Please check if your vehicle is eligible for discounted parking permits and visit Green Vehicle Guide for more information.
Who is eligible for a Residential Parking Permit?

Residents who live within the boundaries of a residential parking zone may be eligible for a permit. Permits cannot be issued to non-residents, Waverley businesses or non-resident ratepayers.

Permits can only be issued to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of less than 4.5 tonnes and cannot be issued to trucks, trailers, boat trailers, caravans or any vehicle with a length greater than 6 metres. Unregistered vehicles are not eligible for a permit.

How long are the permits valid for?

Permits are valid for 6 or 12 months from the date of purchase. Permit holders should renew their permit by submitting an application form and supporting documentation prior to the expiry of their current permit.

Interim Residential Parking Permits are granted only to enable residents time to update their vehicle registration to their current address and are only available once per registration. There are two types of Interim Residential Parking Permits:

  • 30 Day Permits will be granted to residents who are updating their NSW Registration address
  • 3 Month Permits will be granted to residents who are transferring their registration from interstate

How many permits are eligible residents entitled to?

The number of permits a household may be entitled to is limited by the number of off-street parking spaces available i.e. garage, carport, driveway, etc.

A maximum of 3 residential or visitor permits may be held by a household at any time, as per the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Permit Parking Guidelines. Non-strata properties and registered boarding houses are entitled to only 1 permit per unit.

Daily Visitor Permits and Tradesperson permits may be applied for in addition to the residential permit allocation.

Number off-street Parking spaces at property Permits allowed Number of cars you own
0 3 1st permit- Free
2nd permit- Fee applies
3rd permit- Fee applies
1 2 1st permit- Fee applies
2nd permit- Fee applies
2 1 1st permit- Fee applies
3 n/a n/a

What documentation do I need to supply?


TWO of the following documents in the name and the address of the applicant:

  • Rates Notice / Drivers License / Lease / Rental Bond Receipt / Utility Bill / Phone Bill / Bank Statement / Electoral Roll


  • Residential permit - Current vehicle registration showing name and Waverley address of the applicant
  • Interim permit - Current vehicle registration showing name and current address of the applicant


  • Company Vehicle: Current vehicle registration AND
    • Employee only - a letter on company letterhead with ABN stating that applicant has sole use of vehicle
    • Director - ASIC extract linking applicant to company (Directors cannot write their own letter)
  • Rental / Lease Vehicle: Current rental agreement in applicant name


  • Current vehicle registration for all vehicles occupying a car space -
  • Private Vehicle - MUST be registered to the Waverley address
  • Company Vehicles MUST provide supporting documentation listed in Section B
  • All car spaces MUST be occupied with a vehicle
  • Vehicles occupying car spaces are not entitled to residential permits

Applying for your permit

In person

  • Pavilion Welcome Centre - 10am to 4pm 7 days including Saturday and Sunday
  • Customer Service Centre – 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


Send completed application form and all supporting documents to


Council is currently developing an online application and renewal process in 2023.

Need more information?

  • Phone our Customer Service Centre on 9083 8000
  • Visit us as 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction
  • Email us