Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don't have a NSW licence in my current residential address?

If you are a resident of New South Wales, you are required by law to have your licence in your current residential address. To do this you can contact the RMS and advise them of your change of address. Their local office is at 88 Ebley St, Bondi Junction. Alternatively you can advise them by calling the RMS enquiry line on 13 22 13 or by registering online.

What happens if my vehicle isn't registered in my name and/or address?

If you hold a New South Wales registration and the vehicle is registered in your name, you can contact the RMS and advise them of your change of address. Their local office is at 88 Ebley St, Bondi Junction. Alternatively you can advise them by calling 13 22 13 or by registering online.

If you drive a company vehicle, you will need a letter from your employer on company letterhead stating the registration expiry date, that you have sole use of the vehicle and that it is normally parked at this address.You will also need to provide a copy of the vehicle registration papers. The company letter head needs to include the organisation's ABN (Australian Business Number).

A vehicle that is not registered in the name or address of the applicant is only eligible for a Visitors Permit. Visitor permits are available for 1 day (Pack of 10 x Daily Visitor Permits), 30 days (Short Term Visitors Permit) and 12 months (Annual Visitors Permit). To find out more visit our Permits webpage

What happens if my address isn't on your Residential Parking Permit database?

If you can produce a residential property lease that shows that you do not have access to an off-street space, noted on the database, a permit can be issued. Permits will not be issued where the applicant has made off street parking unavailable due to change of use (ie. using for storage) or by granting usage to a third party. In other circumstances a Temporary Permit may be provided whilst we investigate the situation.

What permit options are available?

The following permits are available:

  • Residential Parking Permits
  • Beach Parking Permits
  • Annual Visitors Parking Permit
  • Short Term Visitors Parking Permit
  • Carers Parking Permit
  • Interim Resident Parking Permit
  • Daily Visitor Permits
  • Tradesperson Parking Permit
  • Active Patrolling Surf Club Members

To find out more, visit our Permits webpage.

Why do I have to show my car registration papers?

The Resident Parking Scheme only applies to registered motor vehicles which are under four and a half tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass. We are unable to issue permits to trailers, boat trailers or caravans.

To issue a permit, we need to know the type of vehicle and evidence that it is currently registered in your name and address and its registration (plate) number.

Can I use my green slip or car insurance papers instead of my registration papers?

No. Your green slip/car insurance papers don’t show us that your car is currently registered in your name.

What if I've lost my registration papers?

You can get duplicate registration papers from any RMS Motor Registry. Their local office is at 88 Ebley St, Bondi Junction. For other RMS offices, please call the enquiry line on 13 22 13 or visit the Service NSW website at

Is there a maximum number of parking permits per house?

A maximum number of three permits may be held by any household at any one time and this number is reduced by the number of off-street spaces available. Under Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) guidelines, we are unable to exceed these permit allocations. This does not apply to non-strata residences or Boarding House/Lodges. A non-strata residence is only permitted to hold one permit per household if off street parking is not available.

The seven day Tradesperson permit can be purchased in addition to the three permits per household where the eligibility criteria is met. View the application form and Terms and Conditions.

What if four people share a house and all have a car, can they all have a parking permit?

No. The total number of permits that is available to any residence is three permits (conditions apply as per above). In addition, the number of off-street parking spaces reduces the number of permits per household that can be issued.

What if my work provides me with the use of various different pool vehicles?

Under RMS guidelines, Residential Parking Permits must be issued to a specific vehicle registration. Please contact Customer Service staff at Waverley Council to discuss your situation further by calling 9083 8000 or by emailing

I have a hire car; can I get a permit?

Yes, however you will need to provide us with proof of rental of the hire car in your name.

Is it possible to get a parking permit for my truck?

No. Permit provisions will only allow us to issue permits to vehicles that are under four and a half tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass.

Can I get a replacement permit?

An administration fee applies and a new application form must be submitted.

I've sold my car. Can I get a replacement permit for my new car?

Yes, we can transfer your permit to the new vehicle for an administration fee. Please complete a full application form including all relevant documentation. You must also remove your old permit from the windshield of the car being sold and submit this with your application.

Who has access to the personal information I supply with my application?

Council is bound by the information protection principles in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. The information you supply on the forms can only be accessed by Council Officers. This information will be held on Council files and will be correctly disposed of when appropriate.

How do I get the resident parking scheme introduced in my street/ area?

If you would like to have resident parking restrictions introduced in your street, please call Council's Customer Service Centre on 9083 8000 and ask to speak to staff in the Traffic section for more information or email

Hopefully, the above information answers most of the questions you might have about Council’s parking permits. Please contact us if further information is required by emailing or by calling 9083 8000 between 8:30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.