Waste & recycling

WasteCouncil provides a range of waste and recycling services for the community and local business. Check out the video below to learn more about waste and recycling in Waverley or follow the links below for information about the different services we provide.

Household garbage collection.Collection days and bins

Find your bin collection day, household clean-up collection day, plus information on what goes in your bins and organising additional bins.

Book a household clean up collection.Book a clean up collection

Households get 2 free booked clean-up collections each calendar year, as well as a scheduled one.

E-waste collection day.Tricky waste items

Learn about free services for safely disposing of electrical items, chemicals and hazardous materials, batteries and community sharps.

Composting and wormfarming.Composting and wormfarming

Recycling your food waste is easy with composting and wormfarming. Find out how you can get your discounted bin through our Compost Revolution program.

Commercial waste and recycling servicesCommercial waste and recycling services

Choose Waverley Council to provide quality tailored waste and recycling services for your business.

An abandoned car and illegally dumped items.Illegal dumping

Help us keep Waverley Beautiful and protect the environment by eliminating dumped rubbish and littering. Find out how you can help to tackle the problem here.

 Where your waste goes

Ever wondered what happens to your rubbish once it's picked up from your kerb? Waverley Council is turning your trash into treasure!

 Return and Earn

Return and Earn will help reduce the 160 million drink containers littered in our environment each year.

Need more information?

Ask us about missed collections, missing bins, bin deliveries/removals and anything else relating to household waste and recycling services by calling our Customer Service on 9083 8000.

Need more information?

  • Email us
  • Call Customer Service at 9083 8000

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