Demand for parking spaces on the streets of Waverley, in some areas, exceeds the supply of spaces on most days. Waverley’s parking system consists of paid and permit parking and residential zones, and is reviewed and adjusted regularly to maximise its capacity so that everyone – residents, visitors, commuters and business operators – has fair and equal access to spaces.

Parking permitsPermits

A number of permits are available to Waverley residents. Permits vary from Beach Parking and Residential Parking permits, to Visitor and Carer's permits. Permit parking provides greater opportunities to park in some of Waverley's busiest areas.

Resident Parking SchemesResident Parking Schemes (RPS)

Resident Parking Schemes operate in different parts of Waverley. Residents who live within one of the zones may be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit so they can park free of charge, for an unlimited time, in the zone designated on the permit.

Parking metersCar parks and parking meters

Waverley Council owns and operates commercial car parks within the area as well as a number of free car parks. You can find out more about the operating hours of these car parks.

Current parking projectsCurrent projects

Council regularly monitors its parking system and infrastructure to ensure it needs the high demand for parking in our community, is equitable and supports our residents, businesses and the environment.


Waverley Council’s parking officers regularly patrol residential and commercial areas to ensure vehicles are parked in accordance with the relevant road rules and parking restrictions. This helps to ensure the availability of parking in our area.

Buzzy Bee and road safety initiatives for children.Safety

Keeping children safe around our roads and educating drivers about parking safety are key priorities for Waverley Council.

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