Illegal dumping

WasteIt is illegal to leave waste on public land such as streets, laneways, parks, footpaths, car parks or waterways. Illegal dumping and littering can incur a fine of up to $1500.

Council employs a Waste Enforcement Officer who regularly patrols the local area, investigating illegally dumped material and issuing Clean-up Notices and/or fines to illegal dumping offenders.

Why is it a problem?

  • Dumped rubbish harms the environment
    It pollutes our waterways through the stormwater system and attracts vermin such as rats, mice and cockroaches.
  • It attracts additional dumping and other illegal behaviours
    These areas become unattractive to the local community and property investors.
  • It can be a health and safety hazard
    Dumped waste can be dangerous to people, particularly when it includes sharp objects, asbestos and glass.
  • It’s costly to the Council and the community
    Some of our ratepayers’ money is spent each year on cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish.

Report illegal dumping

If you see household items, such as furniture or electrical appliances, tree and plant clippings or building and construction waste dumped by the side of the road or in the bush please report it to the EPA using RID online.

When a report is submitted the EPA will alert the relevant local council to the incident so they can respond in the most appropriate way. By submitting a report you are also helping the EPA to develop a comprehensive statewide database of illegal dumping incidents. This will enable hot spots to be identified and strategies to be developed to help improve your local area.

Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) squads

RID Squads are regionally based teams that specialise in dealing with illegal dumping and illegal landfilling. They are funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Waverley Council works together with the RID Squad to pool resources and tackle illegal dumping.

Free clean-up collections

There is no need to dump unwanted items and materials - residents are offered 3 free household clean-ups per year.

Don’t dump - just drop-off

Many hazardous materials, electronic appliances, goods and equipment can also be taken to our regular e-waste drop-off days and Chemical CleanOut days.

Avoid waste

Help avoid waste by donating your unwanted items to charity, selling or giving them away before you arrange a collection.

Don’t dump with Homeless People

It may seem to be a helpful and kind thing to do, but often rough sleepers do not need or want the items you are wanting to get rid of. Homeless people tell us they feel obliged to take the items.

Homeless people have a limited ability to keep or store things. Please do not give them items as it might end up being a burden rather than helpful.

More information

Please contact our Resource Recovery Hotline on 9083 8000 or visit the EPA website.

Need more information?

  • Email us
  • Call Customer Service at 9083 8000

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