Recycling guide for residents

Waverley Council has developed a guide to help residents recycle more and better. This digital guide provides an overview of waste and recycling in Waverley and  explains where recycling go. It also delves into what can and can't be put in the recycling bins and provide tips and solutions for what to do with items that cannot go in the recycling bins.

How to use the guide:

  • Residents can download the guide as a handy reference for themselves or short term visitors in their home.
  • Real estate agents can include this guide in residential tenancy packs.
  • Strata committees can include this guide in welcome packs for new building residents.
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Recycling right in Waverley guide

This guide provides all the relevant info to residents including what can and cannot go in the recycling bin, tips to recycle right and solutions to dispose of items that cannot be placed in Council's kerbside recycling bins.

Are you looking to take your sustainability knowledge a step further?

Learn about on-pack labels, what can and cannot be recycled in Waverley and much more in the replay of the Recycling 101 webinar below.

Still wanting to learn ?

In September 2022, Waverley Council conducted a survey to understand the way residents are experiencing the recycling system in the LGA. The results below are from this survey.

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