Electronic waste (E-waste) recycling

Waverley Council offers a range of solutions for the community to dispose of unwanted e-waste items responsibly.

The e-waste we collect is disposed of safely and can be recycled into new materials. Televisions, computers, and other electronic appliances contain hazardous components that can affect our environment and health if sent to landfill.

Problem waste drop-off events

Council runs free problem waste drop-off events quarterly where you can bring your old electrical items. You don't even need to get out of the car; our friendly staff will do the lifting for you. Council collects approximately 50 tonnes of e-waste each year at these events. Learn more and see dates for upcoming problem waste drop-off events.

Problem waste recycling stations

Mobile phones, tablets, small laptops, cords from appliances, ink cartridges and household batteries can be dropped off for free at any of our problem waste recycling stations.

Other e-waste recycling and reuse options

Search Recycling Near You for more options in your postcode for recycling your unwanted electronics and more.

The Reconnect Project is a not-profit organisation that accepts mobile phones and tablets, of any age or condition. Data is erased securely, then mobiles are repaired for reuse. The project works with caseworkers at women's refugees, refugee support agencies, homelessness outreach centres and distributes them to people who don't have access to mobile devices. Find a drop point.

Arnies Recon offers a bookable pickup of electronics and appliances. They accept working and broken electronics and have no minimum or maximum requirements of what they can pick up. Phone 0472 629 154.

Search for local drop-off locations offered by National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) approved organisations

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