Report illegally parked vehicles using the Snap Send Solve App and it will be sent immediately to the patrol as an SMS.

Waverley Council’s parking officers regularly patrol residential and commercial areas to ensure vehicles are parked in accordance with the relevant road rules and parking restrictions. These officers play an important role in ensuring the availability of parking in our area.

Parking officers issue parking fines to vehicles that have overstayed or parked illegally on behalf of Revenue NSW, formerly the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO).

In June 2018 the NSW Government announced new legislation that would allow Local Councils to charge lower parking fine amounts for a specific list of offences. Waverley Council reviewed the implications of this legislation as part of the wider Parking Review and a report was presented to Councillors in February 2019 with an analysis of the impact of the proposed changes.

Only 26% of the parking infringements issued by Waverley Council in 2017/18 were issued to vehicles that are registered in Waverley. Council receives hundreds of calls each month from residents reporting illegally parked vehicles and many residents perceive infringements to be a deterrent to motorists from overstaying in time restricted residential streets. A reduction in parking fines would largely benefit non-resident motorists who park illegally. Therefore, Council has determined not to opt in to reduce parking fines. Instead our focus is on ways to make parking more equitable and affordable for our residents.

The NSW Government also announced that a 10 minute grace period would be introduced from 31 January 2019 for motorists who pay for at least one hour of parking and display a ticket. Council parking officers already provide a 10 minute grace period in all timed parking areas. Council’s practice is not impacted by the pending grace period legislation as Council is currently going over and above what the NSW Government has introduced.

Please note that Waverley Council cannot adjudicate on parking fines issued within Waverley. All infringement enquiries and appeals must be lodged directly with Revenue NSW.

For more information, please phone 1300 138 118 or visit the Revenue NSW website.