Book a clean-up collection

WasteAre you a Waverley household with unwanted items you would like to get rid of that don’t fit in your normal bins? We will come and pick it up for you! You are entitled to 2 free ‘Your Call’ clean-up collections plus 1 free scheduled collection each calendar year.

How do I organise a clean-up collection?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Checkout our list below of what we do and don’t collect to be sure your items will be collected by Council.
  2. Book your collection through our Customer Service Centre at 9083 8000 at least 8 days prior to your chosen collection day. Please note, your clean-up collection day corresponds with your garbage and recycling collection day.
  3. Read your confirmation letter that we send you after you book. This includes your collection date, details about how to present your items on the kerbside and an identification sticker to be placed on your clean-up materials.
  4. Place your clean-up material out on the kerbside the day before your booked collection day in a tidy pile. If your clean-up material is put out too early, other people may be tempted to dump rubbish there, making collection difficult and dangerous.
  5. Put small items into bags and boxes and remove doors from fridges and other appliances.
  6. Make sure that your pile of all items is no more than 2 cubic metres in volume (one trailer load).
  7. Ensure that bulky garden organics are cut in lengths no longer than one metre and that they are bundled for easy transport.
  8. Place the clean-up collection sticker on a visible surface of your pile.

Please note: Mattresses will be collected for recycling 24 hours after our clean-up crew has visited the property.

Need additional collections?

If a household has used 2 booked collections over the calendar year, you can request an additional one if needed at a set fee of $63 per collection (from a single item such as a fridge or mattress up to 2 cubic meters (one trailer load)).

Credit card payments may be made over the phone when contacting our Customer Service Centre at 9083 8000.

Are there restrictions on what Council collects?

Yes. Unfortunately due to Work Health and Safety reasons we cannot collect some items.

We will collect

  • Furniture
  • Whitegoods
  • Mattresses  (limit of 2 items per collection)
  • General household items
  • Bulky garden organics (cut into 1 m pieces)
We can't collect Instead, it's better to...

Household garbage & recyclable materials

Use your bins

Hot water heaters and oil heaters

Take them to Sita at Rockdale, call 1300 651 116

Paints, solvents or chemicals
Car parts (e.g. engine & chassis parts), car batteries, tyres or oils
Gas cylinders or fire extinguishers
Other hazardous materials

Contact Household Chemical Cleanout on 131 555


Check with EPA NSW on asbestos disposal at certain landfills

Excavation material (e.g. sand, soil or rock)

Check state waste regulations

Construction and demolition materials (e.g. tiles, cement, sawdust, bricks, fence palings & plumbing fixtures)

Check state waste regulations

Commercial or industrial waste (e.g. cooking oils) Check for recycling contractors
Large rolls of carpet which cannot be readily handled by two people

Find a carpet recycling contractor or organisation

Alternative disposal and recycling options

Before you book a collection, you may want to think about other ways you could dispose of or recycle your unwanted items.

Not sure? Ask our Resource Recovery team on 9083 8000.

More information

Please contact the Resource Recovery Hotline on 9083 8000 for more information or to book your clean-up collection.
Note: Council reserves the right to refuse collections for any reason.

Need more information?
  • Phone our Resource Recovery Hotline 9083 8080
  • Email us
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