Youth Art Prize

Waverley Youth Art Prizes 2022

The Waverley Youth Art Prize encourages creativity in young artists from across Sydney. It is open to anyone aged between 9 – 18 years old who is living, studying or even simply who plays in Waverley. All artworks are exhibited so that future artists get to experience the joy of exhibiting and see an audience appreciate their work. Young artists also go in the running to receive encouragement awards including art packs and vouchers to attend classes at local institutions such as the National Art School.

The Waverley Youth Art Prize responds to a different theme each year. In 2022 the theme is:


We are inviting all of Waverley's future artists to get making in response to the theme Science, Space and Future stories. This year's theme asks young artists to think about the world around us, the possibility of worlds beyond ours, how we understand our existence and what might be next in store for us. We want artists to hypothesise the future, analyse data, test a theory and come up with artworks which propose the potential of tomorrow. From big bangs, to single celled organisms, skywalkers and flying saucers, this is a science fiction prize like no other.

View the exhibition at Waverley Library from 2 June 2022.

Youth Art Prize Submission Form

Key dates 

11 February - Waverley Youth Art Prize theme launched, and online portal opens. Judges and Prizes announcements commence.

20 May - Artworks due through the online portal. Artworks delivered to the Waverley Library between 9.30am - 5pm.

2 June - Waverley Youth Art Prize announcement.

2 - 27 June - Waverley Youth Art Prize open

30 June - Artwork collection

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