Open access information

‘Open access information’ is information we must make publicly available free of charge on our website. Where this is not possible, you can apply for the information for free by making an informal request.

You can also inspect and copy open access information free of charge at our Customer Service Centre (photocopying/ printing charges may apply if the information is online).  

The following open access information is available online:

Development application/planning information

Use Council’s DA Tracking Tool to access DAs and related information, including:

  • Approvals/determinations
  • Plans
  • Assessment reports
  • Construction certificates
  • Occupation certificates
  • Home warranty insurance documents
  • Structural certification documents
  • Heritage consultant reports
  • Tree inspection consultant reports
  • Acoustics consultant reports
  • Land contamination consultant reports

Not all DA information is online. To access submissions, old DA information or any other information you can’t find, please complete a DA file search form and e-mail it to 

Strategic planning information is available here

Approvals, orders and related documents

Currently unavailable. Please make an informal request for this information.

Information about Council


Click to access Council’s open access registers.

Information guide

Council’s Information Guide details the various kinds of information held by Council, as well as the ways in which it can be accessed. It also describes the structure and functions of Council, as well as the ways in which members of the public can participate in Council decision-making.